PRESIDENT MUHAMED BUHARRY has continue killing the people of south east with all measures of ti tics of deploying the bokoharams and the fulanis to the south easter Nigeria.

his refusal to act on the massacre of nembo community in Enugu has put so many suspicious in the eyes of Nigerias.

people were masscre in Enugu but no help from police nor force operations, but just one person that was killed in ABA and military evacuate the rest of the HAUSAS/FULANIS shows that NIGERIA president MUHAMED BUHARI has an agender in islamizing this country called Nigeria.

we do not have representatives in fedral level levels who talk for us, all the sit their is to load money in their bank.

the leader of ipob Nnamdi Kanu predicted all the evils of this man that is coming to power yet, some people were stupidly rejoice of a coward who has come to kill them.

the best this for the south-east and south-south to do is to protect their selves with any mean-barr KEN PHILIP.



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