You guys just sit in Lagos, Kano, Abuja and elsewhere and write what you don’t know.

1. We have over 10,000 creeks in the Niger Delta

2. Most of the creeks are not navigable by big ships or Naval gun boats

3. Most of the Niger Delta terrains are uncharted

4. The creek boys know these creeks too well

5. The creeks boys are ghosts and operate like guerrilla warlike

6. The oil pipelines crisscross the terrain like phantoms

7. The Navy can only secure the major waters not creeks

8. Pipelines pass through lands too and they are too many

9. You can only react to pipeline damage not before.
10. They have tried it before and failed woefully to secure the

From Bonny waters to Kalaibiama to Tullifer River to Bodo River to Opuama creek to Opobo River to Andoni River to Ibeno to Nembe creek to Okirika to Abonema to Sagbama to Okerenkoko transversing the whole Delta and Edo state how many can the Navy
and Army protect?

I tell you Boko haram menace did not touch the source of our breath, Niger Delta war will bring our country to it’s knee.
Even soldiers will be so hungry they will fight the government.



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